In a city full of conflicts, diversity and beauty, two Russian tattoo artists have created a place without walls. A place that immortalizes the stories of the inhabitants of Jerusalem on the skin and thus connects all of them.
Looking through the tattoos on the stories of the people of jerusalem is a new experience and a unique insight into the sacred city.

Montage: Emil Rosenberger

Regie und Produktion: Tom Fröhlich
Kamera: Christoph Bokisch
Sounddesign und Tonmischung: Rene Kramer
Musik: Adrian Portia
Titel und Logodesign: Marek Bäuerlein

Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Deutschland, 2017.

Premiere: 51. Internationale Hofer Filmtage, 2017
Auszeichnungen: Hessischer Filmpreis 2017 in der Kategorie „Hochschulfilm“